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Survey Creator: Survey Creator Tour

Survey Creator Tour

Create industrial strength/complex mobile surveys for Android devices with this offline survey creator. No Internet to slow you down.

You control the survey making process from your own PC and deploy unlimited surveys to your Android devices. The surveys run super fast because they are NOT web-based but run directly on the Android device.

Question Types

Our Android survey creator offers many different question types presented sequentially, end-user selection order, or as multiple questions on scrollable forms.

  • Menus Select One
  • Menus Select Many (Ticklist)
  • GPS: Latitude Longitude, Altitude
  • Likert Rating Scales
  • Date, Time, Stopwatch
  • Photographs
  • Numeric
  • Free Format Text
  • Formatted Text
  • Barcodes
  • Messages (Plain & HTML Formatted)
  • Skip Logic Jumps and Section Branching
Survey Creator: Survey Creator Tour

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