Survey Builder for Android Devices

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Survey Builder: Survey Builder for Android Devices

Survey Builder for Android Devices

Create industrial strength/complex mobile surveys for Android devices with this offline survey builder. No Internet to slow you down. Try the free version first and then if the survey builder is suitable for your needs you take out a simple yearly low-cost subscription.

You control the survey making process from your own PC and deploy unlimited surveys to your Android devices. The surveys run super fast because they are NOT web-based but run directly on the Android device.

Simple & Easy to Use

Build an unlimited number of surveys & forms in minutes. The survey builder gives you access to many question types and you can send your built surveys to you Android smart phones or tablets in seconds with out Cloud synchronisation app.

Contact us for more information or simply take a look at the survey builder tutorial below.

Free Desktop Survey Builder

If you are interested in developing your own surveys for Android devices you can download the desktop designer for free, that lets you design surveys on your desktop PC and run them in the desktop simulator. This way you can get the hang of creating your own surveys at no cost.

If you have any questions about the software do not hesitate to contact us, our support team are available 24/7.

Develop Android Surveys ... Fast!

There are so many web based survey tools out there, they tend to be cumbersome and sluggish, and they all lack the power of our survey builder tool. No one develops Android apps or iPhone apps using the web, everybody uses tools like Eclipse or XCode that run on the desktop - so why should designing surveys be any different?

Although you develop your survey on a desktop PC, and you can test it very quickly using the survey simulator, deploying to an actual mobile device is very easy and only takes seconds with our Cloud synchronisation service.

Survey Builder: Survey Builder for Android Devices

Get Free Trial

Try our Android survey developer tool by joining our mailing list to get download instructions. Contact us for free advice on designing your own surveys.

Android Survey App

See over 30 professional survey templates in action in the Android app. Simply download and install from the Google app store.

Windows 10 Survey App

See over 30 professional survey templates in action running in the Windows 10 Surface tablets. Simply contact us to arrange a demonstration.