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Offline Survey Software: Powerful Offline Survey Tool

Powerful Offline Survey Tool

After leading the industry for many years with our enterprise data capture and data collections solutions we have decided to offer an entry-level version of our software. PS Developer Lite offers the fastest, easiest and most cost effective development tool for designing data collection surveys of any type, from simple market research surveys to more complex inspection surveys.

There are two parts to PS Developer.

  • PS Developer Lite - The desktop survey design tool

This is NOT a web based survey solution - it's a professional survey design solution for inspections, audits, building inspections, market research and asset management, and the mobile app is a real native Android app NOT an embedded web page!

PS Mobile - Android App

With PS Mobile you collect data on smart phones or tablets out in the field, and transfer it to your desktop via the Cloud. You do not need an Internet connection to collect data, simply transfer your data when one becomes available. No login or web account required.

You can download the free edition of the PS Mobile app from the Google play store to see how your surveys will look. This free edition lets you trial some of our survey templates, downloadable from our survey store. You can export data to CSV files and produce basic PDF reports directly on your mobile device to check your data before you send it back to the office.

PS Developer Lite - Desktop Survey Maker

PS Lite is for users who want to make their own surveys and use the resultant CSV file in other products like spread sheets, Access, SQL, Excel, SPSS, STATA etc. It also allows you to gather data from multiple mobile workers using the Sync feature. Market research type surveys can be made in minutes, and there is a branded kiosk mode to make things simple for end users.

You can try out the PS Developer Lite tool for free, just contact us if you have any problems downloading or installing. PS Developer Lite is for serious survey developers who want to get data back in CSV format for use with other analysis tools, not for trivial questionnaires - for that you can use Survey Monkey!

If you are intending buying a subscription to our survey design tool, you can pay by bank transfer or PayPal, and we accept purchase orders from large organisations.

Offline Survey Software: Powerful Offline Survey Tool

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Android Survey App

See over 30 professional survey templates in action in the Android app. Simply download and install from the Google app store.

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See over 30 professional survey templates in action running in the Windows 10 Surface tablets. Simply contact us to arrange a demonstration.