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Android: Survey Design Tool Pricing - Low Cost Subscription!

Survey Design Tool Pricing

Pricing is simple. You pay an annual subscription per device, per year.

Your first subscription gives you a licence to run the software on one mobile device and develop on one desktop. You can then add additional users of mobile devices or desktop designers as you wish. Multiple subscriptions within the same company are offered at very good discounted rates.

Create unlimited surveys, unlimited questions, and unlimited respondents.

If you are intending buying a subscription, you can pay by bank transfer or PayPal, and we accept purchase orders from large organisations.

Free Desktop Survey Designer

If you are interested in developing your own surveys for Android devices you can download the desktop designer for free, that lets you design surveys on your desktop PC and run them in the desktop simulator. This way you can get the hang of creating your own surveys at no cost.

14 Day Android Evaluation

If after trying the desktop survey designer, you think it is suitable for you needs contact us to buy the software, or ask for our free 14-day evaluation so you can deploy your surveys on your Android device, and see how they run on our PS Mobile app.

Android: Simple Yearlu Subscription - Unlimitted Surveys

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Try our Android survey developer tool by joining our mailing list to get download instructions. Contact us for free advice on designing your own surveys.

Android Survey App

See over 30 professional survey templates in action in the Android app. Simply download and install from the Google app store.

Windows 10 Survey App

See over 30 professional survey templates in action running in the Windows 10 Surface tablets. Simply contact us to arrange a demonstration.