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Android: Features of PS Developer - Survey Design SOftware

Features of PS Developer

PS Developer has a wide range of features and works differently than any other survey maker, which is why organisations like the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE), Carillion plc and Effective Business Solutions use our software.

The best way to see how easy it is to create surveys for Android is to view the following videos. Please note that videos show the old Windows PDA approach, which we still support, but we are updating the videos soon to show you the modern Android and the Cloud synchronisation features.

Data Output

The data collected from the survey design system is captured as standard CSV files that can be easily read by other database systems such as Access, SQL, Excel, SPSS, STATA etc.

Data is easily retrieved to your office using our unique Cloud transmission facilities using wireless and mobile technologies.

Many Question Types

PDA Survey Designer offers many different question types presented sequentially, end-user selection order or as multiple questions on scrollable forms.

  • Menus Select One
  • Menus Select Many (Ticklist)
  • Likert Rating Scales
  • Numeric
  • Free Format Text
  • Formatted Text
  • Barcodes
  • GPS: Latitude Longitude, Altitude
  • Photographs
  • Date, Time, Stopwatch
  • Messages (Plain & HTML Formatted)
  • Skip Logic Jumps and Section Branching

Field Workers

Field workers can download their latest surveys to their phone or tablet, conduct the data collection, and then upload the results using Cloud synchronisation.

Other Features

  • Install on multiple devices from a single user desktop
  • Run multiple surveys on one device
  • View results directly on the mobile device in PDF and CSV
  • Unlimited surveys, questions and respondents
  • Multi-language surveys
  • Automated backup facilities

What is PS Developer Pro?

Whilst PS Developer Lite is more powerful than any other survey maker, and comes at a rock bottom price, some of users want even more power. For them we offer the Pro version that includes a database and reporting system and offers advanced question types using lookup files.

If you want to create complex surveys such as multi-household labour force surveys, census surveys, or asset management surveys you may need the Pro edition. However, we recommend you try the Lite edition first, you can always upgrade to the Pro edition should you need to later.

Android: Wide Range of Survey Designing Features

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